Submit an event for the Lodge Calendar



Notes on making a Calendar Submission

  1. This form only puts an event of the Lodge Calendar.  The Lodge Calendar is separate from the Council Calendar.  If you request it the “Private Notes”, the event can be added to the Council Calendar.
  2. Fill in the “Event Title”.  This is the event name shown in the calendar.  Please start your Chapter events with your Chapter name
  3. Unclick the box to link to the “Event Website”.  If you want a link, include info in the “Private Note” and we can make it work.
  4. Leave the “Keyword/Tags” blank.  A tag to your chapter will be added as it is added to the calendar.
  5. Fill in the “Event Description”.  This is what is visible when people click on the event in the calendar.
  6. You can add the event location either in the “Event Description” or in the “Venue name” and “Street Address”.  You can add “Directions” if needed.
  7. If you want members to register for the event, put that in the “Private Notes”.  You will get notified as people register.  Registrations can either collect only Names or collect a fee.

For questions or help, contact Dick Toll - 435-210-2260 or