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 Cub Scout Leader Roundtable


Roundtable Handouts and Links

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*Pack Meeting Resources List*

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2018-2019 Roundtable 

2017-2018 Roundtable


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2017 - 2019 HANDOUTS

for 2017-2019 handouts from District CS Roundtable 

2017-2018 Pack Resource Sheets and Pack Meeting Plans

Program Month
Scout Law,
Aug. 2017
Friendly, "#CUBSCOUTS"

Pack Meeting Plan

Sept. 2017

Courteous, "How the West Was Fun"

Pack Meeting Plan
Oct. 2017 Thrifty, "A Camping We Will Go" Pack Meeting Plan
Nov. 2017 Reverent, "Cubs Give Thanks"

Pack Meeting Plan

Dec. 2017 Kind, "Paying It Forward" Pack Meeting Plan
January 2018 Helpful, "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs"

Pack Meeting Plan

February 2018 Cheerful, "Abracadabra!" Pack Meeting Plan
March 2018 Trustworthy, Cub Scout Investigators" Pack Meeting Plan
April 2018 Loyal, "Cubs in the Future" Pack Meeting Plan
May 2018 Friendly, "Treasure Hunters" Pack Meeting Plan
June 2018 Obedient, "Wheel Into Summer" Pack Meeting Plan
July 2018 Brave, Home of the Brave" Pack Meeting Plan
August 2018 Clean, "Destination Parks" Pack Meeting Plan


 2016-1017 Roundtable

August 2016 Roundtable

September Pack Resource Sheet

September 2016 Roundtable

October Pack Resource Sheet



October 2016 Roundtable: 

December 2016 Roundtable

NO Roundtable in December!

Great Service Project for December! (Or any time of year!)

January Pack Meeting Plan - Obedient, Cub Scout City Council


January 2017 Roundtable

Special Blue & Gold Banquet Idea Sharing "Passport to Other Lands"

  Cub Scout Advancement Tracking Sheets

February Pack Meeting Plan - Reverent, Passport to Other Lands

RT Blue & Gold Banquet idea pictures




  June 2017 Roundtable                 July Pack Meeting Plans - Let the Games Begin / Trustworthy  Handouts

  July 2017 Roundtable                     NO Roundtable in July!                             August Pack Meeting Plans - #Cubscouts / Friendly                                        Handouts



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Upcoming Events

For The Boys

2018 District Cub Scout Day Camp:

Session 1 June 5 & 6, 2018

Session 2 June 12 & 13, 2018

Session 3 June 19 & 20, 2018

Activity Day Girls June 13, 2018

Activity Day Girls June 20, 2018

For The Leaders

Akela's Council 2018


July 23-28, 2018 at Tifie Scout Camp (near Mt. Pleasant, UT)
"Past participants have deemed Akela's Council to be the most motivating and enjoyable training they have ever completed. Registration is limited so register early for this once-in-a-lifetime experience."

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Roundtable Info

No Roundtable in December!

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Effective April 01, 2017 Tour Plans will not be needed for any BSA activity.  Please read about it here:  Tour and Activity Plan


2016-2017 Pack Resource Sheets and Pack Meeting Plans

Program Month
Scout Law,
Aug. 2016
S'More Cub Scout Fun

Pack Meeting Plan

Sept. 2016

Helpful, To the Rescue

Pack Meeting Plan
Oct. 2016 Kind, Creepy Crawlers Pack Meeting Plan
Nov. 2016 Courteous, Cubs in Shining Armor

Pack Meeting Plan

Dec. 2016 Cheerful, Celebrate Pack Meeting Plan
January 2017 Obedient, Cub Scout City Council

Pack Meeting Plan

February 2017 Reverent, Passport to Other Lands Pack Meeting Plan
March 2017 Loyal, Our National Treasures Pack Meeting Plan
April 2017 Thrifty, Power Up! Pack Meeting Plan
May 2017 Clean, Picnic with Pizzazz! Pack Meeting Plan
June 2017 Brave, Roaming Reptile Alert Pack Meeting Plan
July 2017 Trustworthy, Let the Games Begin Pack Meeting Plan
August 2017 Friendly, #Cubscouts Pack Meeting Plan


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