Every youth and adult registered with the BSA have a unique membership ID that is used to identify them. Following rechartering each year,  a registered scouter will receive a membership card with their ID number. After you receive your membership number, log back intoMyScouting.org and update the system by imputting your member ID number. This will link your Youth Protection training record—and any other training—in MyScouting.org to your BSA membership.
If you have any problems locating your ID, please contact the district training chair or the council service center.
The following is a quick tutorial to help leaders match up their training with with their membership record.
Go to http://myscouting.org. Log in with your user name and password.

Click on the "My Profile" link.

Click on the "Council Name" pop down field and select your council and then type your Membership ID number in the "Member ID" field.
Click the "Add" button.

That's it. Now your Training records should be up to date.