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Fund Development Committee

Fund Development Committee
Position Name Phone Number E-Mail Address
Chair Neal Bosshardt 435.979.2463
Member Dave Wheeler 435.462.3394
Member Phillip Murray 435.851.2158
Member Phil Thomas 435.340.0400
Member   435.  
Member   435.  
Member   435.  

District Fund Development Committee

Major Tasks of the Fund Development Committee Chair and Members

  1. Report to the district chair for your district.
  2. Ensure implementation of council finance policies.
  3. Serve as a member of the council fund development committee, if so stated in the council bylaws.
  4. Recruit and train a committee to support tasks provided by the council fund development committee.
  5. Achieve the district’s share of council fund development campaigns.
  6. Organize and carry out a successful Friends of Scouting annual campaign, and meet the goal by the targeted date.
  7. Support the council “project selling” program.
  8. Support the council endowment/major gifts development plan.
  9. Support and cultivate a cooperative relationship with the local United Way.
  10. Inform units of the unit fundraising policy and assist in the review and approval of unit requests.
  11. Support district activities that involve income and expenses, ensuring proper policy and controls.
  12. Provide recognition to donors, along with information on how their dollars helped serve youth.

Successful funding of the council is the direct result of successfully conducted fund development programs within each district. Each district within the council has funding goals. These goals are based upon a fair-share formula, based on the potential of the district and the needs of the council. The district fund development chair assists in determining and raising the goals.

Fund Development Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Report to district chair.
  • Ensure implementation of council finance policies.
  • Serve as council finance committee member.
  • Recruit and train committee on tasks provided by council finance committee.
  • Carry out the annual district Friends of Scouting campaign and meet the goal by the target date.
  • Maintain cooperative relationship with the United Way.
  • Develop prospects and retain interest of contributors.
  • Support council ‘‘project selling’’ program.
  • Support council endowment development.
  • Inform units of unit financing policies.
  • Review units’ money-earning applications.
  • Achieve district’s share of council finance campaigns.
  • Support district activities that involve income and expenses, assuring proper policy and budget control.
  • Support council product sales program.
  • Set plans to ensure that all Journey to Excellence criteria relating to fundraising show improvement.
  • Coach

Fund development within your district is directed by the district fund development committee. Using your council plan, procedures, and polices as determined by the local council fund development leadership, the committee ensures funding is not a barrier to providing programs to all markets in fulfilling the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. Your district fund development committee chair provides administrative leadership for the district fund development program and is usually a member of your council fund development team.

Major Tasks

  1. Obtain and understand your district’s role in the overall fund development plan, which may include but is not limited to:
    * Friends of Scouting—community, family phases
    * Project sales
    * Product sales—popcorn, camp cards, etc.
    * United Way
  2. Organize and carry out a successful annual Friends of Scouting campaign that achieves your agreed-upon goal through strict adherence to your council plan and timeline.
  3. Actively participate in the donor cultivation plan of your local council.
  4. Actively promote your council’s plan for endowment development.
  5. Implement your council finance polices within the district.
  6. Interpret BSA finance polices to your units and district volunteers, and review all Unit-Money Earning Applications from within your district.
  7. Provide recognition to your donors, along with information on the positive impact their donations have made to Scouting.


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