Arapeen DistrictProgram Support Committee

Program Support Committee

Program Support Committee
Position Name Phone Number E-Mail Address
Program Chair Vacant    

Asst Program Chair Vacant    
Asst Program Chair Vacant    
Commissioner (ADC)      
Risk Management      
STEM/Nova Coordinator      

Training Program Vacant    
Activities Program Vacant    
Camping Program Dwight Inouye 801.592.2164
Advancement Program Norman Jensen 435.851.3554

Cub Scout Program      
Boy Scout Program      
Varsity Scout Program      
Venturer Scout Program      

Publicity/Communications Jay Zabriskie 801.822.6061
Health & Safety Dr. Michael Frischknecht 435.835.8078
Order of the Arrow Vacant    
Quartermaster Vacant 435.  
Communications Jay Zabriskie 801.822.6061
Webmaster Jay Zabriskie 801.822.6061

Program Chair

  • Report to District Chair
  • Recruit enough of the right people as activities & civic service, training, camp promotion & outdoor, and advancement & recognition chairs.
  • Ensure that district operating committee chairs and committee members are trained to carry out the functions of the district.
  • Help district operating committee chairs recruit an adequate number of members to carry out the program functions of the district.
  • Plan (with the district executive) the district's annual program planning conference and program review meeting.
  • Coordinate with the operating committee chairs the district's annual program calendar.
  • In cooperation with the district executive, set goals for the district program committees, track their progress, and ensure the completion of those goals.
  • Recognize individuals and committees for their Scouting accomplishments.
  • Support local and national Scouting policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Encourage the district's role to attain public support of Scouting.
  • Set plans to ensure that all Journey to Excellence criteria relating to program show improvement.

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