Training Awards for Adult Leaders

While Boy Scouting is first and foremost about the youth, and helping them to grow into the kind of strong, wise, and caring individuals they were made to be, that could not happen without the strong, wise, and caring leadership of both men and women. Adults who work with youth have a frequently thankless job, although it has many rewards in itself.

There are awards which adults can earn in Scouting. Some represent special circumstance awards, such as for heroism.  Others represent achievements earned while a Scout. As an adult Scout leader, if you earned the Arrow of Light as a Webelos, there is a knot that you can wear on your uniform to represent that. If you are an Eagle Scout, you are entitled to wear the Eagle knot on your uniform.

The training awards and keys are designed to recognize Scouters for tenure, training, and performance in their leadership roles.


How to Wear Your Knots

Is there a right way (and a wrong way) to wear knots? Yes there is.

Learn More About Knots

Besides knots awarded for completion of tenure and training requirements, there are many knots that recognize other aspects of Scouting, including Eagle Scout, bravery, outstanding service, and support of Scouting: