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Eleven Year Old (EYO) Boy Scouts

The Eleven Year Old (EYO) Patrol provides the foundation to Boy Scouts. This important first year in a young man’s Boy Scout life is critical to his following years in the Scouting program and his Young Men’s program. Frankly, the EYO program is the foundation and vital key to a vibrant, exciting, and attractive Young Men’s program. As an Assistant Scoutmaster/EYO Leader, you will work with your troop committee and the Scoutmaster to deliver the promise of Scouting to your boys. Your boys will form a patrol and have a strong identity together. Ultimately, your primary objective is to provide a positive, consistent Scouting experience using the Patrol Method that allows the boys to build character, fitness and citizenship while making sure they reach the First Class Rank or beyond by the time each boy turns 12 years old. And . . . always remember Rule #1: Make it fun for you and your boys!

Below are some important support documents to help you get started. Please read the Quickstart Guide first, and then take a look at the 2016 4-month Activity Plan. The Eagle at a Glance flyer will help you get an overview of the ranks and what merit badges are available. Get to BSA Leader-specific training as soon as possible and complete the requirements. Attend Monthly Roundtable –there is a special EYO leader breakout session. Within the first 90 days, complete your Boy Scout Leader Basic training, and then get to Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) within the first 120 days. You can check our training page to know when then next classes are available.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. You have lots of help all around you!



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Benefits of the 4-Month EYO Program:

The 4-month Activity plan is a rock-solid, duplicable, easy to follow program that is extremely flexible, greatly accommodates scouts needs, and graciously allows you as the EYO leader to plug into troop, ward, district, and council events whenever you need to. It is a well-rounded program that soundly builds Scouts of character, fitness, and citizenship and employs all the eight methods of Scouting, not just advancement. It builds great young men and great Scouts! This program repeats multiple times per year so the older scouts can have leadership opportunities to teach the younger scouts, while accommodating both new boys entering the program and older boys aging-out. Enthusiastically implemented, this program is fun, exciting, and the boys LOVE it!

And it is SIMPLE and EASY to follow!!


For more information, please contact:

Kent Hansen
Alpine District Training Chairman
University of Scouting Co-Chair