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Training Credit and Reports for Units

(How  Units, Individuals, and Districts can access Training Reports)

Myscouting.org is changing to my.scouting.org

last updated 1/7/2013

The Boy Scouts of America will be changing myscouting.org to my.scouting.org.  The myscouting.org url will soon be merged with my.scouting.org and the new url for both will be my.scouting.org.  Today, you can access some of teh new features by going to my.scouting.org and use your normal myscouting.org login.  Click <here> to visit my.scouting.org.  (If it doesn't work in IE, using Firefox)  As early as April, the new site will be able to add two new features to all individuals and units throug their my.scouting.org account.  As of the late date this web page was updated, only YPT trainings are accessible here.  In 4-8 weeks the rest of the the training reports are likely also be available here.

Units and Individuals should try out these new functions

Download your unit's training report:

UNITS CAN RUN THEIR OWN TRAINING REPORTS: Unit key 3's (committee chairman, chartered organization representative, and unit leader) may access this report through their personal my.scouting.org account. (Important Note: In order to access this tool, the unit key 3 member must be currently registered with thei unit through the council and have linked their council specific PID, personal identification number, with their my.scouting.org account. This is the same system setup through the old myscouting.org account, so same login on my.scouting.org etc.) Access at my.scouting.org

INDIVIDUALS CAN INPUT THEIR OWN TRAINING RECORDS IN BSA's SYSTEM: Any person who is currently registered with their unit and has linked their PID with their my.scouting.org account may input any training they have already done that is note reflected in the training reports and receive credit. Access at my.scouting.org