The Hobble Creek District Eagle Committee is responsible for training all Eagle Coaches serving in our District.  We are working towards a goal of having one registered Eagle Coach per active troop in our District.  Eagle Coaches are a District position and not registered through the Troop.  For this reason, training will come from the District and you may not register as an Eagle Coach until you have completed the training.  Once trained, you will be a member of the District Committee and may wear the District patch and shoulder loops on your uniform.  

To start the process, please go to and follow the instructions in the Eagle Coach section. 

Eagle Coaches are an essential part of the Eagle Rank process.  Eagle Coaches fill an important role both as a mentor and role model for scouts, and as a resource for parents.  You will provide the individualized assistance for the Scouts in your Troop that is impossible for the District Eagle Committee to provide.  Thank you for your willingness to serve!