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Please join the District officers and Recognition Committee in congratulating the following individuals who were recognized on February 24th, 2011 for their generous service to Scouting. When you see these people, thank them for their unselfish service!

District Award of Merit recipients:

·         Mike Jones

·         Bryce Thacker

·         Dave Reeves

·         Erin Sanderson

·         Greg Pyper

·         Nancy Brimhall

·         William Peterson

·         Barry Childs

·         Cindy Weipert

·         Kent Hadley

Second Miler Recipients:

·         Marc Arnoldsen

·         Lynn Gardner

·         Michael W. Asay

·         Tony Gibson

·         Bruce Bunderson

·         Dave Jex

·         Grant Chandler

·         Roger Alworth

·         Bruce Christensen

·         Craig Shields

·         John Capua

·         Lisa Warnick

·         Heber Blackner

·         Edgar Tooley

·         Stacy Brooks

·         Wayne Michelson

Unit Leader of Merit:

·         Brett Brimhall