Chartered Organization Representative Training Resources

Beginning in 2010, all direct-contact leaders in our council are required to be fully trained in their responsibilities within the first six months of their service. While you as COR are not a direct-contact leader, what better way to set an example for others than to receive the training available for your position.

As a registered Scouter, you are required to complete Youth Protection Training every two years. Click here to go to the Youth Protection Training page.

In addition to this essential training, two online courses have been created to help you become fully trained. They are: 

  •  COR Fast Start Training.  This online course is designed to present you with the basics you need to carry out your responsibilities as a chartered organization representative. It consists of a couple of short videos with a few questions after each to emphasize important concepts. It will take no more than 15 minutes of your time, and you can print a certificate of completion following the course.

Click here to go to the COR Fast Start Training course.

  • COR Online Basic Training.  This online course (currently in beta, but still valid to reach your "trained" status) is sanctioned by the Utah National Parks Council. It allows you to read and think about the material presented at your own pace. The course will take you about 30 minutes or less to complete, depending on how much time you spend thinking about the questions. If you complete the course, you will be considered basic trained as Chartered Organization Representative in the Utah National Parks Council.
Click here to go to the general COR Basic Training course.

Click here to go to the COR Basic Training course specifically for LDS leaders.

BSA has published a manual to aid Scout leaders over units sponsored by the LDS Church in learning and fulfilling their duties. A PDF copy of Scouting & The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is available for download from this page. It is a valuable resource to CORs who want to understand the agreement between BSA and the Church and how BSA roles are usually handled in units chartered by the Church.

One duty that normally falls to you as COR is conducting the annual Friends of Scouting campaign. A district publication, The LDS COR Guide to a (Practically ) Painless Friends of Scouting Campaign, contains useful guidance in conducting an effective, efficient Friends of Scouting campaign in an LDS Ward.