Wasatch DistrictAdvancementAdult Recognition Awards

Adult Recognition Awards

Each adult volunteer who serves needs — and deserves — a heartfelt, "Thank you!" These awards recognize leaders who do the work to make the pack go; the troop, team, or crew operate; and the district function. 

They have a second important purpose, to motivate leaders to do the imporant, sometimes difficult, things that lead to providing a quality program. As fellow Scouter Jack Beckman describes it 

"Knots are a reflection of the time, treasure and training devoted to Scouting. They are a motivator for most, and if you follow the requirements to get the knot, you will find that you are offering a good program because the requirements put you there."

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Cub Scout Leaders Cub Scout Leaders

Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Den Leader
Assistant Cubmaster, Assistant Den Leader, Pack Committee, and Pack Trainer

 Boy Scout Leaders

11 Year Old Scout Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, and Troop Committee

 Varsity Scout Leaders

Team Coach
Assistant Coach and Team Committee

 Venturing Leaders

Assistant Advisor and Crew Committee


Unit Commissioner
Roundtable Commissioner
Assistant Roundtable Commissioner
Note: These Assistant Roundtable Commissioner requirements are valid only for commissioners in Wasatch District.

 Additional Adult Leader Awards

Religious Awards
Service Awards
For a district or unit Scouter for outstanding service. "Going the Second Mile" to do his or her duty.
For service of an outstanding nature at the district level
For noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth
Female Scouter Awards
Given annually (since 2009) in the Utah National Parks Council to women whose lives and activities have benefited the cause of Scouting
Cub Scouter Awards
Given annually (since 1981) in the Utah National Parks Council for outstanding service to Cub Scouting in the Council. It may be given to a woman, a man or a husband-wife couple.

Award Knots, Device Pins, and What Do I Do With Them?

A Guide to Square Knots and How to Wear Them, Which way is up?

Knot Device Pins, Square Knot DevicesDevices on religious knot and Eagle knot

How to arrange multiple knots, How to Wear "Knot Emblems"

Tenure Clarification

The following clarification about tenure for awards was published by the BSA National Training Team in the Summer 2014 Training Times:

Tenure for Training Awards

Unless it specifically states in the requirements that tenure cannot be used for multiple training awards it can be used.

In the past we said "one Scouter, one position" and did not want to reward those who wore multiple hats. We are more realistic now. If a Scouter accomplished all of the training and performance tasks during the same tenure, they have likely made Scouting better for more youth and deserve recognition.