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...does UNPC have "a blank MS Word version of the Eagle files that need to be turned in for this rank"...? "Thanks for your help!"

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The attached doc file will provide you with most if not all the information you need (I think).  Not all Eagle rank forms are in word format, many are in pdf (Adobe) format and can be found on the following link(s).
Eagle Scout Rank Application (pdf) found at the bottom of the page on the following link.......
I am not sure I have provided you with the information you are seeking, let me know if I can be of further assistance. Under the INFO CENTER (left menus) select the "Forms" menu and you will see two choices, both will lead you to the links provided above.
Attached to e-mail: Utah National Parks Council Eagle Checklist in word (DOC) format

Continued Response

Additional Links regarding question not included in original response.  The following links should makeup what is known as an Eagle Packet. The checklist for Eagle Badge Requirement will help to guide a candidate leading the scout towards completing a packet that can be presented to an Eagle Board of Review.

Checklist for Eagle Badge Requirement
This checklist helps to ensure that everything required in an Eagle packet has been collected and reviewed prior to an Eagle Board of Review. The checklist is a Utah National Parks Council Form. The form guides the scout (and leaders) so that all information needed/required by National are forwarded to Council once gathered and a Board of Review recommends the Eagle candidate for the rank of Eagle.

Eagle Candidate Statistics Form
This form should be filled out and submitted to the council with each Eagle packet. This form is used as a summary of the Eagle project by the council. The Eagle Statistics form is a Utah National Parks Council form.

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
Trail to Eagle (Eagle Scout Service Project manuals)
PDF-DOC-RTF format available
www.nesa.org/trail/manual.html or www.nesa.org/how-to-manuals.html

Eagle Scout Rank Application
Please print this application in color and (front/back) as a single document. Information can be typed into this pdf (Adobe) document, however you cannot save (as a file) any information placed on the document, although you may save/download the application to your computer.


Information Updated: Wednesday, October 29, 2008