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As you can see we are under construction.  Give us a little time and we hope to make this area a very positive resource in the life of a scout.  All questions submitted to this Q&A must be boy scout specific.  Questions must relate to the needs of your own scouting experience (or be of such a nature that when answered scouts in your area will benefit).

Alone, few if any of us would know the answer to all questions related to scouting.  However, all of us together can come up with a BSA certified answer.  Please remember BSA scouting programs are never stagnant, in that given time answers can change.  What I have found is that questions rarely if ever change.  As programs progress and grow lets attempt to grow with them remembering it is the boy we serve (to develop and grow into leaders of tomorrow with compassion and skills for all).  The transference of knowledge and skills (serving others - quietly with the only expectation is that of a gratification unknown to those that never listen) creates untold empathy and instills the very foundation of life into they that would stand rather than turn away when needed most.

Send your questions to: Steve Brandt (
Please provide (with your inquiry) your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, COUNCIL (such as UNPC), DISTRICT, and UNIT NUMBER.  In order to provide accurate information (at times) it is good to know who you are talking too.  Sometimes a phone conversation will greatly enhance/assist with providing the information requested.  However, if all you can provide is your email address I will still attempt to answer your question (the best I can).

Thank You

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