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Activities and Civic Service Committee

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Chair Vacant    
Co-Chair Vacant    
Co-Chair Vacant    
Vice Chair Publicity Vacant    
Sub-Committees Chairs
Camporees and Klondike (North) Tom Lusk 435.462.2880
Camporees and Klondike (South) Dan Curtis 620.786.9896
Mountain Man Rendezvous Glenn Stoneman 435.896.0233
Turkey Shoot (Sevier) Rex Friant 435.896.4604
Turkey Shoot (Gunnison)      
Turkey Shoot (Manti) Reid Cox 435.835.7421
Pinewood Derby (Richfield) Cheryl Hendrickson 435.896.6836
Merit Badge Fair (Snow College) Jay Zabriskie 801.822.6061
Merit Badge Fair (LDS Stakes) Vacant    
Day Camp (Cub Scout) Fillmore      
Day Camp (Cub Scout) Sanpete Arla Otten 435.835.5452
Day Camp (Cub Scout) Sevier Rick Poulson 435-896-8787
Day Camp (Cub Scout) Sevier Karen Poulson 435-896-8787
Day Camp (Cub Scout) Wayne      
Cub Scout Fair (Sevier)      
Varsity All Stars      
Ice Fishing Derby Clark Walker 435.  
Ice Fishing Derby Mica Talbot 435.436.8937
Sanpete Challenge (Varsity/Venture)      
Sanpete Challenge (Varsity/Venture) David Beck 435.979.8138
Survivor Man Challenge
(Venture ONLY)
Mel Carr 435.462.3047
Road Rally (Sevier)      
Activity Advisers
Venturing Vacant    
Varsity Vacant    
Troop Vacant    
Packs (Richfield Area) Renae Barney 801.529.3322
Packs (Richfield Area) Gina Hansen 435.896.0211
Recognition Coordinators
Recognition Dinner (Fillmore)      
Recognition Dinner (Sanpete) Vacant    
Recognition Dinner (Sevier) Vacant    
Recognition Dinner (Wayne) Vacant    
LDS Stake Advisors
Gunnison Stake Vacant    
Moroni Stake Vacant    
Ephraim Stake Vacant 435.  
Manti Stake Vacant    
Mt Pleasant Stake Vacant    
Mt Pleasant North Stake Vacant    
Salina Stake Vacant 435.  
Richfield Stake Vacant 435.  
Richfield East Stake Vacant 435.  
Monroe Stake Vacant 435.  
Loa Stake Vacant 435.  
Member-Community Units Vacant 435.  
The District Activities and Civic Service Committee

A council is no stronger than the districts that make it up. The district activities and civic service committee or program team has two major objectives:
  1. To carry out its part in council wide activities. (The best-planned council activity will be a flop unless districts do their part in promoting it and making it a success.)
  2. To supplement council activities with other activities on a district basis.
Committee Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the activities and civic service committee to support units through the plan, promotion, and operation of multi unit events that supplement, but do not supplant, unit program.

A district activities committee does the following:
  1. Plans and promotes a well-balanced schedule of district events, and recruits teams to carry them out.
  2. Decides how Scouting can become involved in selected needs and interests of communities in the district. Helps Scouting units take part in community service projects in such a manner that youth members learn qualities of good citizenship.
  3. Plans and promotes service projects at a district and unit level.
  4. Promotes and assists with the planning of council events (such as the council show or Eagle Scout or Silver Award dinner).
  5. Promotes and carries out the district’s share of national events (such as Scouting Anniversary Week or a national jamboree).
  6. Conducts an annual poll of unit leaders to determine unit needs and interests for district activities. Be sure the committee includes people familiar with Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing.
Committee Operation

Council and district activities should complement one another. Each provides organized activities which are adventurous for Scouts.

• Report to district program chair.
• Develop and implement a plan for activities and civic service projects in district.
• Ensure that activities are in accordance with national policy.
• Recruit and orient enough of the right kind of people for the district activities committee.
• Support and strengthen units by assuring program visibility and balance of activities.
• Promote and conduct displays and skill events:
— Booth shows
— Webelos-rees
— Camporees
— First aid contests
— Swim meets
— Window displays/parades
— Shopping mall shows
• Encourage Good Turn ideas through units’ participation in community projects and civic service activities.
• Plan, promote, and conduct special Scouting Anniversary Week activities.
• Plan the annual meeting and Scouters’ recognition dinner for the district.
• Implement council activities and civic service program.
• Conduct an annual poll of unit leaders to determine unit needs and wishes for district activities.
• Oversee the district’s Journey to Excellence service projects, and ensure the hours are logged online.


If you are interested in serving, please contact the Chair listed above.

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