Arapeen DistrictMembership Committee

Membership Committee

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Chair Vacant    
Webelos Scout Transition Chair      
Pack Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Committee Chair      
New Cub Scout Event Coordinator      
District Venturing Transition Chair      
New-Unit Organizer      
Training Committee Liaison      
Activities Committee Liaison      
Commissioner Committee Liaison      
Tracking Liaison      
Records/Membership DTO      
Member-Community Eva Thompson 435.436.8031
Member-Gunnison Stake Vacant 435.  
Member-Manti Stake Vacant 435.   
Member-Ephraim Stake Vacant 435.  
Member-Moroni Stake Linda Hoddy 435.436.5312
Member-Moroni Stake Michael Tripp 435.436.5312
Member-Mt. Pleasant Stake Vacant 435.  
Member-Mt. Pleasant North Vacant 435.  
Member-Community Units Vacant 435.  

Responsibilities for Membership Chair and Committee Members

  • Report to district chair (Membership Chair).
  • Recruit enough of the right kind of people for the district membership committee.
  • Serve on the council membership/relationships committee.
  • Establish year-round plan for unit and membership growth.
  • Recruit and train new-unit organizers.
  • Work with district training team to make sure new units have trained personnel.
  • Plan and conduct youth and chartered organization surveys.
  • Cultivate relationships with potential chartered organizations and community groups.
  • Share with other district leaders how to work effectively with various types of organizations.
  • Organize new packs, troops, teams, and crews.
  • Analyze district membership figures for all program levels.
  • Be sure a new unit is under the care of a commissioner before the organizer leaves.
  • Conduct membership events in the district:
    — Roundup plans
    — Together plan
    — Relationships conference
  • Track and attain membership growth objectives.
  • Set plans to ensure that all Journey to Excellence criteria relating to membership show improvement.

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