Arapeen DistrictAdvancement Committee

Advancement Committee

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Chair Norman Jensen 435.851.3554
Co-Chair (Sanpete County)      
Co-Chair (Sevier County)      
Co-Chair (Wayne County)      
Co-Chair (Fillmore Stake)      
Unit Advancement Coordinator      
Support Coordinator      
Volunteer Specialist      
Assistant Chair
(Merit Badge Counselors)
Assistant Chair
(Eagle Board of Review)
Jeff Anderson 435.528.3264
Assistant Chair
(Recognition and Awards)
Norman Jensen 435.528.3554
Records Keeper/Statistician      
Training and Events Coordinator      
Internet Advancement Specialist Jay Zabriskie 801.882.6061
Special Needs Specialist      
Training/Event Coordinator      
Camping Liaison      
Activities Liaison      
Unit Commissioner Liaison      
Roundtable Liaison      
Religious Emblems Coordinator District Advancement Committee Responsibilities

Although the council advancement committee or executive board determines specific responsibilities for district advancement committees, district advancement chairs report to their respective district chairs. The following is a guide to the responsibilities that might be established. (the Arapeen District Advancement Chair reports to the District Program Chair)

1. Recruit enough members to fulfill the responsibilities and accomplish any objectives established by the council advancement committee or executive board.

2. Provide members with ongoing training to maintain awareness of updated procedures, best practices, and details related to Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scouts. See “Building an Advancement Committee,”

3. Establish objectives and implement action plans that stimulate advancement and lead to maximum success in the Journey to Excellence.

4. Maintain advancement records and share them with commissioners, trainers, and other district volunteers who serve units. Point out units with little or no advancement.

5. Plan, present, and submit for the district and council calendars those advancement conferences and training experiences that will improve the results of unit advancement volunteers.

6. As appropriate, support advancement elements involved in training, and in events and activities presented by other committees of the district.

7. Support outdoor programs where advancement may take place, such as district day camps, camporees, etc.

8. Support and promote the BSA’s Internet Advancement. Accurate advancement records are critical to program planning and analysis. Districts should work toward 100 percent electronic data entry.

9. Follow national and local council procedures in administering the merit badge program and in recruiting, approving, and training a sufficient number of merit badge counselors. Provide units with access to a current listing of council-approved merit badge counselors.

10. Follow national and local council procedures as prescribed regarding appeals, Eagle Scout and Quartermaster references, service project proposal approvals, boards and bridges of review support, and time extensions.

11. Support and promote the religious emblems program. A very small percentage of members earn a religious award. Committees should work to build on this important element of spiritual growth.

12. Recommend, according to council and district practices, recipients for the Award of Merit or other recognitions.

13. Notify the media to recognize significant youth achievements such as Eagle Scout or Quartermaster rank, Venturing Silver Award, lifesaving and meritorious action awards, and other noteworthy accomplishments.

14. To strengthen units through strong advancement programs, consider the following:

a. Assist unit commissioners and others who serve units.
b. Serve as a resource for roundtables.
c. Develop relationships with unit advancement volunteers.
d. Provide units with advancement reports, summarizing and explaining what they mean.
e. Assist unit leadership with advancement planning and promotion.
f. Visit pack, troop, team, crew, and ship committee meetings, as warranted.
g. Visit boards of review, as warranted.
h. Help troops, teams, crews, and ships avoid pitfalls as qualified youth strive for Eagle Scout rank, the Silver Award, or the Quartermaster rank.
i. Encourage prompt and proper recognition, ceremonies, and courts of honor.
j. Recognize units excelling in advancement.
k. According to local council practices, assemble lists of consultants and other resources important to Venturing advancement.

BSA Guide to Advancement

If you are interested in serving, please contact the Chair listed above.

Helpful Links

Read: Guide to Advancement 2013 (Sections: Boards of Review The Eagle Scout Rank BSA-PDF manual)

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Review: Advancement Educational Presentations (On Increasing Advancement, as presented by the National Advancement Committee at the BSA National Annual Meeting, May 2013, Grapevine, TX.)

Advancement Resources (Resources provide additional information about advancement. Links are provided to materials that are available online BSA)

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Helpful Information

All Unit Advancement Coordinators/Chairs within the Arapeen District are considered a member of the District Advancement Committee and may attend any and all District Advancement Committee meetings. The District Advancement Committee meets monthly at the District Committee Meetings held at the Axtell Chapel (see Calendar for meeting schedule).