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Merit Badge Counselor List

This site provides much (90 percent) of the scouting information you will need (Calendaring, programs, policy, etc). To utilize many of the features of this site, such as access to the Merit Badge Counselor List, you will need to create a user profile and login on this site.  NOTE:  We may contact you to verify need for MBC list access.
Once a user profile is created you will receive your user name and initial password via email.  The first time you logon the system may request that you change your password.  Once this process is complete and a user profile is created; to have access to names of District Merit Badge Counselors you will need to send an email to a District Webmaster Jay Zabriskie ( Access will be granted once the membership is verified.  Scoutmasters and Assistants should become a member of the Arapeen District Web Site (along with Advancement chairs and Unit Committee members).  Scouting policy indicates that boy scouts should request a Merit Badge Counselor through their unit leaders (specifically the Scoutmaster).

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Page Updated: Wednesday, February 15, 2017