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How to Access the District Merit Badge Counselor List

  1. Click on Create District User Profile. This process will establish a logon profile for you. Follow all the directions given during registration.
  2. Send an email to Jay Zabriskie:, requesting access to the MB Counselor list; include your NAME, Unit #, registered scouting position, and Phone (thank you):
  3. After verification, we update your profile to include access to the merit badge counselor list and send you an email confirmation (exceptions for Parents access are granted on a case by case basis).  NOTE:  Unless you do 1 AND 2 above, we don't know you want access!

NOTE: BSA does not encourage boys having access to the MBC list (; however Scoutmasters and Unit Leaders, should request and have access to the list. Some exceptions for boys and/or parents to access the MBC list, lone scouting, and youth experiencing problems with non responsive unit leaders. It is intended that unit leaders (Scoutmasters, Assistant SM, etc) work with the boys in finding qualified registered MBC's.

NOTE: Active merit badge counselors vary from month to month depending on the counselor updating his/her youth protection training and counselor orientation. For that reason we do not recommend printing a counselor list. The only valid counselor list for the district is found on this website.

NOTE: Merit Badge Counselors are district level positions and not chartered via a unit or other such organization. Stakes/Wards/Units are NOT; to build, keep or provide separate merit badge counselor lists that: have not registered as a MBC or are not found/listed on the district website as a current MBC. Any unit list of MBC's MUST comply with National BSA policies found in the "Guide To Advancement" (Section 7). The status of a MBC often changes; MBC's may currently be registered but not found on the District website due to several factors: Youth Protection Training is out of date or never taken, lack of MBC orientation training (D76), no MB's listed in their profile (needs at least one MB in profile to post), personal preference or request, etc.

NOTE: All merit badge counselors must be registered (adult application) in position 42 MBC plus complete (every two years) youth protection training prior to instructing assigned/authorized merit badges. Each merit badge taught by a counselor must be listed and assigned to them by the District Advancement Committee (Merit Badge Counselor Information 34405WEB). Merit Badge Counselors may NOT teach MB's that are not authorized by the District Advancement Committee. They can submit a request to teach MB's not currently on their profile, they can also submit a request to remove a MB that is listed on their profile.

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