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VS Huddle Commissioner

Michael Morris
Phone: 801-798-8508

VS Trainer

Dennis Gillie
Phone: 801-798-7777


  • Varsity Vision Newsletter (published monthly)

  • Varsity Team Program Features Volume I (PDF file is 3.42 MB and contains these programs: Backpacking, Basketball, Bowling, Canoe Camping, Caving, Cross-Country Skiing, Cycling, Discovering America, and Fishing)
  • Varsity Team Program Features Vol II (PDF file is 6.41 MB and contains these programs: Freestyle Biking, Frontiersman, Mechanics, Operation On-Target, Orienteering, Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Roller Hockey, Shooting Sports, and Snow Camping)
  • Varsity Team Program Features Vol III (PDF file is 4.09 MB and contains these programs: Soccer, Softball, Survival, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Waterskiing, and Whitewater Canoeing)

  • Troop Program Resources (PDF file is 1 MB and contains The Scoutmaster’s Minute, Games, Ceremonies, Interfaith Worship Service, Glossary of Scouting Terms, Pearls of Wisdom—Quotes From Baden-Powell, Founders of the BSA, Forms, and Clip Art )

  • Varsity Play Book (A quick look at the BSA Varsity Guide Book)
  • Varsity Play Book Addendum
  • Varsity Scout Coach Start-Up
  • Varsity Scouting Fact Sheet
  • 2008 Rank Requirement Changes


  • Varsity Letter Score Card for Youth
  • Varsity Letter Score Card for Adults
  • Denali Award Score Card for Youth

    Adult Awards & Recognition

  • Varsity Letter
  • Coach's Key & Training Awards



    Coming Events

    Diamond Fork Turkey Shoot - Nov 11-12, 2011

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    New Youth and Adult registration forms!

    There are new registration forms out for registering youth and adults into the Boy Scouts of America. There is only ONE form now instead of a form for each group. Click on the registration form you need.

    Youth form
    Adult form

    Varsity Scouting information from the Utah National Parks Council website...

    Especially for Varsity Scouts:  Councils-sponsored camps
    A brief description

    Traditional summer camp program designed for VS teams and their leaders

    Challenging 3-day activity camp in slick rock country: mountain biking, river rafting, rock climbing and hiking. For VS teams and their leaders.

    A high adventure application of the Varsity Scout program's team organization, leadership skills and Five Fields of Emphasis.  You can participate as an individual, with your whole team, and even your adult leaders.  Week-long camp with lots of action.

    Diamond Fork District Varsity Scout Committees.


    If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about any part of the Varsity program get in contact with a member of one of the Varsity Scout Committees. These are experienced scouters who would love to help any Varsity scouting leader with any concern.