Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) Training

AKA: North Star Training

Course Overview

Outdoor skills are critical to the success of the Scouting program. This course is ideal because it focuses on skills that build confidence and competence in leaders conducting outdoor camping experiences

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)--often called "North Star" in our council--is an overnight camping experience that gives adult leaders the hands-on practical outdoor skills that they need to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors. IOLS North Star training is the final course required for Scoutmasters (& Assistants) and Varsity Coaches (& Assistants) to be considered "Trained" by the BSA. .

IOLS North Star should be taken after completing Youth Protection and Leader-specific training.

WHAT WILL BE COVERED: A "hands-on training" to give adults and adult leaders the practical skills necessary to successfully lead Scouts in out-of door activities. Some of those skills include setting up campsites, pitching tents, hiking, outdoor cooking, knot tying, whipping ropes, lashings, the correct handling of woods tools, using Leave No Trace guidelines, putting on an interfaith worship service, setting up campfire programs, selecting proper gear & equipment, fire building, first-aid, using a map & compass, and other pertinent skills (related to the outdoors) – to the skill level of a First Class Scout.

Course Format

  • Usually a day and a half long, i.e., a Friday night (with campout) and all day Saturday.

Upcoming Courses

  • Attend an upcoming summer camp for the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills Training!