Unwanted vehicle? Don't trade it in! Donate it to support Scouting!

Over the years, many people have wanted to donate various vehicles to the Boy Scouts but we were unable to accept most vehicles since we didn't have the time or the means to utilize them. To answer this desire of donors, the Utah National Parks Council has contracted with a company called Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC) to facilitate all aspects of the vehicle donation.

V-DAC currently has over 2500 registered charities and nonprofits using its program. Many Boy Scout councils are currently using V-DAC's program including the San Francisco Bay Area Council, LaSalle Council (IN), Crater Lake Council (OR), California Inland Council and now your own Utah National Parks Council. V-DAC handles all of the logistics - picking up the vehicle, taking the vehicle to an auction to be sold, dealing with all of the paperwork including the title transfer, etc.

This service is FREE for the council and FREE for the donors. All costs are covered by the revenue from each vehicle. Any shortfalls in vehicle revenue are covered by V-DAC and are never charged to the council. The amount of money the council receives depends on the condition of the vehicle and the gross revenue generated by the sale of the vehicle. For example, a premium vehicle that sells at auction for $2,750.00 would generate a net revenue of $1,968.00 for the council - 72% of the gross revenue! But a poor vehicle that sells for $547.00 would generate a net revenue of only $198.00 - 36% of the gross revenue. So, the better the condition of the vehicle and the later the model, the more revenue that is generated for the council.

You will need to determine the fair market value of your vehicle. For cars, trucks, vans, etc., the Kelley Blue Book is one of the best ways to do this. You will also need to complete some paperwork to donate a vehicle to the council, but all of the instructions may be found on V-DAC's web site.

Here are some great resources for you in preparing to donate your vehicle!

Tax Information and Worksheet.

Kelley Blue Book web site

V-DAC's web site contains suggestions on when and how to donate.

I'm ready to donate my car to help Scouting Save and Change lives.

For more information contact:

Andrew Olsen

P: 801-437-6219

C: 801-708-1625


Development Director

Utah National Parks Council, BSA