Utah Parks - CampingHigh Uintah Scout Camp FAQs

High Uintah Scout Camp FAQ's


1. What we offer.

     1a. Summer Camps:

  • Merit Badge Classes: You will need to register for the camp with the council HERE. Also, all fees will be paid through utahscouts.org, but classes will not be selected here. Don't delay for the best class selection.
  • Advancement Hike: This is a 5-6 mile hike offered on Friday afternoon. It will fulfill a requirement for advancement for 2nd Class. It can also be done for the total enjoyment. The hike will take you over a nearby ridge and down the canyon to see the Dyer Mine Smelter.
  • Cat-Eye Trail: This is a night orienteering course and fulfills several requirements for the Orienteering merit badge. Whether or not a Scout is working on that merit badge, it is a fun time to test and improve skills. Leaders will need to supervise this activity. Scouts will need to be prepared with compasses and flashlights.
  • Chapel: We have a camp chaplain on staff. Units are encouraged to have a unit daily devotional. An optional Chapel Devotional is also help at 6:45am for those that may be interested. Scouts are encouraged to attend with a Scout leader. The chapel will be open each day. Check ours with the Chaplain. 
  • Fishing: The Oaks Park Reservoir and local streams are a great place for fishing. The Division of Wildlife Resources has boats to take SCouts fishing. Their registration for High Uintah serves as a "fishing license" for the youth during the week they are at camp. 
  • Senior Patrol Leader Meeting: A SPL meeting is held every day at the registration area at 5:15pm. Please encourage your SPL to be there and to report back to the troop.
  • Service Projects: Ashley National Forest service project ideas:
    • Conservation Projects - piling dead wood and remove and transplant tree seedlings from the dam
    • Environmental Projects - piling rocks to reinforce streambeds or remove thistles from the meadow
    • Leave No Trace Projects - cleaning camp
  • Totin' Chip: Scouts will be taught Totin' Chip at registration. Every Scout must have this to handle an ax or knife. It is a requirement for the Woodcarving merit badge.
  • Want more information about the camp's programs? Click here for High Uintah Scout Camp's Program Guide.

     1b. Other Exciting Activities:

  • Non-Advancement Program Opportunities: Many programs are available to you while at camp that will provide activities and opportunities for you and your troop that, while they may not be directly helping your youth earn advancements, they will help you accomplish the goals of Scouting.
  • Carter Trail Run or Mountain Man(Tuesday): The Carter Trail is an old trail that once ran through our camp. It was the main travel and supply route into the Uintah Basin. Scouts assemble at the amphitheater for a history of the area and camp-wide games. This is a great opportunity to interact with other troops and enjoy the Scouting spirits.
  • Duty to God Camp Program: While at camp, you will encounter the handiwork of God on many occasions. The Duty to God Camp Program will allow you to reflect on Him and also earn some recognition at the same time. Devotional at Chapel at 6:45am and Chapel open daily. Check with Chaplain for open hours.
  • Extracurricular Opportunities: OUTPOST ACTIVITIES:  Friday afternoon is a time for finishing up work and turning in the assignments for the merit badges or you may have time to enjoy a troop-planned outing. The Ashley National Forest provides many opportunities to apply Scouting skills. There is hiking, biking, caving and much more!  www.dinoland.com is a great source for ideas. Troop leaders may choose to plan a troop activity during that time.
  • Honor Night (Thursday): This is a respectful presentation of the values of the Scout Oath and Law.  You may want to invite your religious leaders to present a spiritual message at you troop campsite on Thursday night.
  • Troop Night (Wednesday): This night has been set aside for you to do any troop activity you would like. You may want to take a hike, go fishing, ride bikes, play games with another troop or work with your scouts on merit badge requirements.
  • Opportunities for Scout Leaders
    • Scoutmaster Meetings: Held daily. This is a great time to make announcements and ask/answer questions. If you are switching adult leaders throughout the week, please make all new leaders aware of this meeting. 
    • Scoutmaster Training Available:
      • Youth Protection
      • Safety Afloat/Safe Swim Defense
      • Planning and conducting a Safe Scout Outing
      • Role of the Scoutmaster
      • Leave No Trace
  • Order of the ArrowWe will be offering OA elections and Ordeal ceremonies each week of camp. Please contact Daniel John 435-219-5816, District Chapter Advisor for more information. Elections and Call-Outs: All troops are encouraged to hold Order of the Arrow elections and call-outs in their own troops. Scouts need 15 nights of camping and need to be a 1st Class Rank to be eligible for election into the Order of the Arrow. Also, during the normal two weeks of camp, the OA will be available upon request to do elections for your units.  Please ask at registration or at Scoutmaster Meetings for more details. OA Day is on Thursday.
  • Polar Bear Dip (Wednesday morning): This adventure is for the truly insane and is supervised by the Aquatics Director at the waterfront area. Participates must dunk ten times in the frigid water to truly earn the title of “Polar Bear Dip Survivor.” This is done at 6 am on Wednesday morning. Don’t be LATE!
  • Sunrise Hike (Friday morning): This hike is supervised by camp staff and begins before the break of dawn on Friday. Any interested Scouts can gather and hike to a nearby mountain crest.  It is a great chance to breathe in the great outdoors and reflect on one’s feeling on this early morning nature walk.  Don’t be late.
  • Troop Awards: Participate at camp and earn an award! The 1st Year Award is a hat pin for completion of 15 of the activities. The 2nd Year Award is a High Uintah Camp Patch and a scout must complete the required activities with a total of 20. Only one can be earned per year. The hat pin must be earned the first year.

2. 2017 Pricing/Dates?

  • Summer Camp (Prices listed below are for a full camp week [Mon-Fri]):
    • Youth: $150.00
    • Youth (Out of Council): $180.00
    • High Adventure: $180.00
    • High Adventure (Out of Council): $210.00
    • Leader: $30.00
    • Deposit (nonrefundable): $250.00
  • Other Prices:
    • 11 yr-old or new Scouts may register for two-day sessions (one overnight) on either Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday. Their adult leaders may also do the two-day program. There is also a one day option for adults and Scouts with special circumstances.
    • New Scout two-day overnight: $46
    • New Scout two-day overnight (out of Council): $51
    • Adult one-day only: $5
    • Youth one-day only: $25

3. Preparing for camp.

     3a. Required forms for ALL those attending camp:

  • Health form. Everyone (including leaders) needs Part A and B. Those staying longer than 72 hours need part A, B, and C
  • Unit Roster. This list should include everyone who will be at camp for the week.
  • Registration receipt - in case there's an issue with registration

4. What are the camp's policies and procedures?

  • Click here to download the Council Camp Leader's Guide, (PDF).

5. Directions to camp.

  • High Uintah Scout Camp is on Forest Service Road 215, just west of Oaks Park Reservoir. You must eneter Windy Park from Red Cloud Loop (Forest Service Road 018). You cannot enter from teh North by vehicle.
  • Click here for the map that will take you North out of Vernal on Hwy 191 to the Red Cloud Loop turn-off.
  • Click here for the map that will take you by East Park and avoid the narrow road past Iron Springs.
  • Click here for the map that will take you North on 2500 West to the Taylor Mountain Road.
  • Click here for the map that will take you through Dry Fork Canyon.

6. How old do youth need to be to come to camp?

  • High Uintah programs for youth 11-18 years of age.
  • High Adventure Program: For ages 14-18 that includes mountain biking, moutain man challenge, rappelling, white water rafting, and shooting competition.

7. How many leaders do we need to bring to camp

  •  Two leaders for any size group with 1 additional leader for every 4-5 youth.  As leaders, you may need to adjust this to accommodate the needs of your youth. You must still have two deep leadership.

8. What time is check-in?

  • All campers: 8:00am - 11:00am on Mondays.

9. What about meals?

  • Time for the scouts to earn the COOKING merit badge!!!!
  • All meals are the troop's responsibility. Use your best judgment to meet your troop's individual needs. Our camp is 9,200 feet above sea level. This makes cooking different and required more time for meal preparation. Cold storage food containers are recommended.
  • Please store food/coolers away from sleeping areas and in-closed trailers or trucks at night. We have had bears in and around camp the last few years.

10. Is water available at camp?

  • Potable water is available throughout the camp. You will need a container for hauling water.

11. Do I need to bring anything else to camp?

  • If you DON'T bring it, it's NOT up there!
  • Encourage your youth and leaders to be in uniform.
  • Other helpful items to have at camp are: sunscreen, bug spray, hats for everyone, water bottles, a jacket or coat to keep in your vehicle in case of inclement weather, sunglasses, a day pack to carry your items, and Scout Handbook. 

12. Will the Trading Post be open? If so, what type of things will they have there?

  • The trading post will be open at various times during your stay at camp. We stock various candies and drinks as well as pocket knives, crafts, flashlights, camp shirts, and other souvenirs.

13. Where can I get more information?

14. What do the campsites look like?

15. Contact Information

  • Questions about the programs we offer at camp? Please contact:
    • Camp Director: Brian Kellogg at 435-790-5427
    • Assistant Camp Director: Sarah John at 435-790-4096
  • Scout Service Center at (801) 437-6222.