2021 Jamboree Adult Leader Application
2021 Jamboree Adult Leader Application

The Utah National Parks Council is accepting volunteer applications for those interested in serving as adult leaders for the 2019 National Jamboree and Tour.

Due to the responsibility and intensity required to serve, the council conducts a rigorous screening process to select the most capable, trained and tenured adult leaders. Being selected by the Council Jamboree Committee is an honor, as you will be representing the council, representing your faith, and serving with a troop or crew that operates at one of Scouting’s highest levels. Submitting your application indicates you understand the expectations and obligations to serve with the National Jamboree contingent and are willing and able to do so.

Please carefully read the below list of some of those expectations and obligations. 

  • A Jamboree adult leader must individually be committed to recruit 10-15 young men for the troop.
  • Serving in a council contingent position is a major commitment of time. Besides the two weeks actually attending the National Jamboree and Tour, it requires attendance at mandatory contingent preparation meetings (several times a year on Saturdays), monthly Jamboree troop meetings and recruitment activities.
  • An adult leader’s first priority and responsibility is the safety and needs of the entire troop. They are to carry out appointed national responsibilities and serve under the scoutmaster’s direction. Adult leaders with sons in the same troop are expected to put the troop’s interest above self or a son, not allowing the family relationship to hinder their commitment to these responsibilities.
  • A National Jamboree is a rewarding and lifetime experience that takes place in the outdoors. It includes walking/hiking many miles a day with activities in the humid summer climate of West Virginia. Leaders must be in good physical condition and pass a BSA physical with doctor’s recommendation. You must be within the Body Mass Index requirements of BSA. (see the Summit's physical and medical requirements)
  • Adult Jamboree leadership positions(SM, 1ASM, 2ASM) will be appointed by the council Jamboree Committee with the expectation that they are Woodbadge and appropriate scouting leadership trained. They should have a strong scouting leadership history. Prior Jamboree experience is preferred for some positions. No prior Jamboree experience preferred for others. Preference for the third assistant scoutmaster (3ASM) is an adult leader 18-23 years of age (optimal), Eagle Scout preferred, with significant away from home experience (college, study aboard, mission or similar).

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