Follow Me Scouting Feedback
Follow Me Scouting Feedback
*1. Your Name:
*2. Phone Number:
*3. Email Address:
*4. Age Range:
*5. LDS Ward Name:
*6. LDS Ward Location (City)
*7. Scouting District
*8. Are you an Adult or Youth?
*9. What is your BSA Position or LDS calling?
i.e. Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Venture Crew Advisor, Senior Patrol Leader, Varsity Squad Leader, Venture Crew President, etc.
*10. Scout unit you are serving in:
*11. Number of Young Men in your Unit?
Unit only, not total youth in Young Men's program
*12. Total years served working with boys in scouting units?
*13. Training received
Adults only. Have you completed either of the following trainings
*14. Do you think it is important to apply doctrines and principles from Sunday lessons into scouting?
*15. Did your district's orientation give you a clear understanding of the purpose for developing this Follow Me Scouting Resource (FMSR) and how to use it?
*16. How could the orientation have been improved?
*17. Did the resource material show you how to apply doctrines and principles from Come, Follow Me Sunday lessons in Scouting activities?
*18. Did you use the sample activities in the resource agendas, or did you use your own planned activities?
*19. Did the sample activities help you to think of better activities for helping young men apply doctrines and principles from October’s Sunday lessons?
*20. Describe the impact on the youth that resulted from applying Sunday lesson principles in your scouting activities.
*21a. Were your youth leaders able to help the other young men apply principles from Sunday lessons in their scouting meetings and activities?
*21b. Please explain.
*22. How could this Follow Me Scouting Resource be improved?
*23. Are the BSA published “Program Features” helpful in planning activities that apply the doctrines and principles from Come, Follow Me Sunday lessons into your scouting activities?
*24. Going forward, will you be able to apply the doctrines and principles from Sunday lessons into your own planned activities, or do you need sample activities and reflection questions for each new month of the Come, Follow Me curriculum?
*25. Before this program, did you regularly use reflection questions to aid in learning?
*26. Was this program resource helpful in teaching you how to use reflection questions to apply gospel principles in scouting?
*27. In general, do you think scouting leaders should receive more training on how to use reflection questions?
*28. Did you and/or your youth leaders regularly use agendas in planning and conducting meetings and events before this program?
*29a. Do you plan to use agendas each week for scouting meetings and activities, as a way to “bundle” Come, Follow Me and Duty to God with scouting?
*29b. Please explain
Duty to God
*30. Did this program resource material help you understand how to “bundle” (integrate) and apply Duty to God into your scouting activities?
31. Do you have any other comments about the program that you have not previously stated?