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Join Scouting's Honor Society--The Order of the Arrow!

Please submit this form to get all the information you need to join Scouting's Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow. Your information will be forwarded to someone who can schedule an OA unit election for your scout troop or team.

Thanks for your interest in joining Scouting's Honor Society.
In order to be a member of the Order of the Arrow, you must meet certain requirements and be elected by your peers. These are the basic requirements: --Be a Boy Scout or a Varsity Scout. --Have camped at least 15 nights while a scout. --Be a First Class scout or higher. --Get elected by your troop or team (At the election, you and your fellow scouts may vote for everyone who meets these requirements).
* First Name
* Last Name
* Your Phone # or eMail Address
* What type of scout unit are you in?
Please check whether you are in a Boy Scout Troop, a Varsity Team, or a Venturing Crew. If you are in a Venturing Crew, you'll need to dual register in a Troop or Team for the election. This is not difficult and we can help you get it done.
* What is your unit number?
* What city do you live in?
eg: (Pleasant Grove, Utah)
What scout district do you live in?
eg: (Battlecreek District) Our council is divided into geographic districts around the state. The scouters who live in a given district go to roundtable together once a month. In OA, we have a chapter that works to support each district. By telling us which district you live in, we're better able to get your request to the chapter who will come out and conduct your unit election.
* Scoutmaster's Name
Who is your Scoutmaster, Team Coach, or other unit leader we should call to schedule an election?
Scoutmaster's eMail Address
Scoutmaster's Phone #
* When does your scout group meet?
Please tell us when your scout group meets each week (eg: Tuesday at 7:30 pm).
* Where does your scout group meet?
Please give us the address if you know it, otherwise give us two cross streets nearby (eg: Church at 400 N. 300 E. in Orem).
How many scouts are in your troop or team?

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