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Training Records Update

Use this form to request an update to your personal training record.

Help Us Update Our Records!

We sincerely believe that every youth deserves a well-trained leader, and studies show that trained leaders are better able to provide the program and experiences that Scouting is all about.

All leaders are asked to become fully trained for their position within three months of beginning in that position. To see what is required for a leader to be considered 'TRAINED', click here.

In order for us to help leaders become fully trained, we need to first make sure that our training records at the council level are correct. Specifically, we need to ensure that previous trainings taken are correctly recorded.

To update your training records, please complete the form below. And remember - a Scout is HONEST!

Personal Information - Needed to Ensure Proper Credit of Training

* Full Name

Date of Birth
Please provide either your Date of Birth or your Scouting ID so that we can credit the correct person.

Scouting ID
You can find your Scouting ID on your membership card or obtain it from your unit's charter.

EMail Address
If you would like us to update your e-mail address in the official ScoutNET database, please enter it here.

* I am an Adult Leader in...

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