Trainer's EDGE

The Trainer’s EDGE course provides and helps develop the platform skills of a trainer. Only practice can polish these skills, but this course trains-the-trainer on behaviors and resources while offering hands-on experience in methods and media. For NYLT and Wood Badge staff, it supplements the practice offered through staff development, and raises the level of skill a staffer brings to the course experience.

Trainer’s EDGE is part of a continuous process of updating trainers with the latest training methods, principles, and technologies. This course is for Scouters who will be delivering training to adult leaders as well as to youth.

All trainers, but especially District trainers and Roundtable instructors, and Timberline NYLT & Wood Badge staffers should participate in Trainer’s EDGE. 

For more information and/or questions about EDGE, please contact:

Mat Greenfield

Upcoming EDGE Courses: