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Great Basin DistrictFinanceFundraising Guidelines for LDS Units

Fundraising Guidelines for LDS Units

Stakes and wards should fund Scouting youth activities from the budget allowance. If budget allowance funds are insufficient, young men may individually earn their own money for the cost of one annual camp. Annual day camp experiences for Cub Scouts also qualify as annual camps. If budget allowance funds are insufficient and young men are unable to individually earn enough for the one annual camp, they may hold group fund-raising activities (including sale of popcorn, if done in accordance with the Budget Allowance Guidelines). This should be done only as a last resort. Wards should not charge young men, including Cub Scouts, fees or dues for weekly or monthly activities. Young men and Cub Scouts may hold group fund-raising activities to pay for equipment for the unit if there is not sufficient budget allowance.

Those conducting fund-raising activities should:

  • Comply with tax and liability guidelines presented in the Church Handbook of instructions, book 1, section 15.
  • Not sell products or services door-to-door.
  • Provide meaningful value or service.
  • Provide a positive experience and build harmony and unity within the group.
  • Obtain the bishop's approval for the activity.

Priesthood leaders should take special care to see that members are not made to feel obligated to contribute to fund-raising activities. Contributions should be voluntary.

Since Scouting is an integral part of the Church program for youth, membership fees and basic unit expenses are covered by the ward budget. A subscription to Boys ' Life magazine is encouraged, but optional, and can be purchased by each family.

Friends of Scouting is a Scouting fundraiser that benefits each local council. Each ward is encouraged to participate with a fair share contribution. Every member of every ward should have the opportunity to participate in Friends of Scouting.

For more information on popcorn sales and other fundraising activities, please go to the LDS Relationships website

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