Scouting for Food - Collect Bags

Scouting for Food - Collect Bags
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Scouting for Food Instructions

PLEASE - Print Out this Form and Hand in at the Food Drop

Door hangers (100-200 per ward) will be delivered to each stake at the LDS-BSA Meeting.  Door hangers should be delivered to each home the week prior to the Saturday pick up.  No bags are included.  Rather, the hanger asks for donors to use their own. We will have several donations sites for the units and troops to deliver the gathered bags by 11 AM, Pickup Saturday.  Use the one most convenient for you.  Thank you!

Hurricane Care and Share       450 E.  800 N.                     Hurricane, Utah

Walmart in Washington            625 W. Telegraph               Washington Utah

St. George Stake Center          500 N Bluff                         St. George Utah

Utah Food Bank Warehouse    4416 S.  River Road          St. George Utah

Santa Clara/Ivins drop off        3680 W. Pioneer Parkway St. George Utah



Scouting For Food


Fill any bag (prefer plastic) with:

         Soup * Beef Stew * Chili * Peanut Butter * Boxed Meals * Canned Fish *  Canned Meats * Canned Fruits


Place your bag of food outside on your front door for Scout pickup by 8:00 a.m. on Satuday.

We accept commercially packaged, non-perishable food items.  Products low in sodium/sugar/corn syrup are appreciated.   Please, no glass or perishable food items.

Scouting For Food Drive benefits Utah Food Bank, regional food banks and emergency food pantries statewide.


We need you to report your donations!  Doing so is like Round Table attendance online. Click the icon and answer the questions:




Questions are:

  1. Number of Bags Collected or Equilvalent
  2. Enter the number of youth members (Scouts) who participated in the project. (Include both Putting out Bags and Collecting Food )
  3. Enter the number of adult leaders participating in the project. (Include both Putting out Bags and Collecting Food )
  4. Enter the number of hours collecting and dropping off. (As a group, not individually.  Estimate to be 1 to 4 hours)
  5. Drop Off Location?


Zion District: Donn  705-0066 or Kendell  229-4544