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Training Events 

Program Updates

Cub Scout Leader Training

  1. My.Scouting.Org - Online Trainng
  2. Step by Step instructions to get trained on My.Scouting.org

Pack Committee Resources

  1. The Pack Committee
  2. So You Are a New Pack Committee Member
  3. Pack Committee Resources
  4. National Summertime Pack Award
  5. Annual Program Planning

Den Leader Resources

  1. Cub Scout Den Meetings - Overview
  2. Cyber Chip Requirements
  3. Cyber Chip Workbook
  4. Cyber Chip Flyer
  5. Faith in God and Cub Scout Adventures Correlation
  6. Cub Scout Advancement Modifications

Cubmaster Resources

  1. Pack Meeting Planning Sheet
  2. Pack Meeting Plans by Month
  3. Faith in God and Scouting
  4. Cheers

Cub Scout Program Helps & Books

  1. Cub Hub
  2. Baloo's Bugle
  3. Cub Scout songs and cheers
  4. Parent Information Guide
  5. Family Talent Survey Sheet
  6. Can LDS Cub Scouts go Camping?
  7. Council Blog - The Boy Scout .Search "Cub Scout"
  8. Cub Scouts Leader Book
  9. Cub Scout Leader How to Book
  10. CubCast

Journey To Excellence (JTE)

  1. Pack Journey to Excellence Form (JTE)
  2. JTE Definitions & Glossary
  3. JTE What's in it for me?
  4. JTE Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Pack Planning & Safety

  1. Guide to Safe Scouting Website
  2. Guide to Safe Scouting (PDF Form)
  3. Age Appropriate Activities
  4. Health and Medical Record
  5. Permission Slip

Pinewood Derby Rules

LDS Scouting Resources

  1. LDS.org - Scouting
  2. LDS-BSA Relationships






Training Events