Arapeen DistrictDistrict Program Chairs

District Program Chairs

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
District Program Chair Vacant    
  • Report to District Chair
  • Recruit enough of the right people as activities & civic service, training, camp promotion & outdoor, and advancement & recognition chairs.
  • Ensure that district operating committee chairs and committee members are trained to carry out the functions of the district.
  • Help district operating committee chairs recruit an adequate number of members to carry out the program functions of the district.
  • Plan (with the district executive) the district's annual program planning conference and program review meeting.
  • Coordinate with the operating committee chairs the district's annual program calendar.
  • In cooperation with the district executive, set goals for the district program committees, track their progress, and ensure the completion of those goals.
  • Recognize individuals and committees for their Scouting accomplishments.
  • Support local and national Scouting policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Encourage the district's role to attain public support of Scouting.
  • Set plans to ensure that all Journey to Excellence criteria relating to program show improvement.
Training Chair Larry Seely 435.427.3841
  • Report to District Program Chair
  • Establish district training objectives to train leaders, not just run training courses.
  • Participate in council meetings dealing with training policies, program, and procedures.
  • Recruit and orient enough of the right kind of people for the training committee and course instructors.
  • Prepare an inventory of training for all leaders.
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate an annual district training program based on training inventory.
  • Evaluate and report on training progress.
  • Maintain district training records.
  • Encourage a pack trainer in every Cub Scout pack.
  • Offer training opportunities to all unit leaders.
  • Promote attendance at all training courses.
  • Give special assistance to untrained unit leaders.
  • Approve applications for district training recognition's.
  • Give special attention to training new-unit leaders and new leaders in existing units.
  • Track and attain training objectives.
  • Implement council training program.
  • Promote all online training through the Online Learning Center.
Camp Promotion Chair      
  • Report to District Program Chair
  • Recruit and orient enough of the right kind of people for the district camp committee.
  • Track each unit's camping and outdoor record.
  • Implement the council's outdoor promotion plan in the district.
  • Work with commissioners to help packs, troops, teams, and crews plan a year-round schedule of camping and outdoor program events.
  • Promote use of camperships.
  • Give guidance on health and safety concerns.
    ---Boy Scout camping
    ---National high-adventure programs
    ---Cub Scout outdoor program
    ---Venturing outdoor program
  • Assist council committee with outdoor program facilities.
  • Promote National Summertime Pack Award and National Camping Award.
  • Supervise use of off-council camping by tour permits and inspections.
  • Track and attain camping and outdoor objectives.
  • Implement council camping and outdoor program.
  • Guide the Order of the Arrow to help promote camping in the district.
  • Promote Leave No Trace training for all units.
Activities and Civic Service Chair Vacant    
  • Report to District Program Chair
  • Develop and implement a plan for activities and civic service projects in district.
  • Ensure that activities are in accordance with national policy.
  • Recruit and orient enough of the right kind of people for the district activities committee.
  • Support and strengthen units by assuring program visibility and balance of activities.
  • Promote and conduct displays and skill events:
    ---Booth shows
    ---First aid contests
    ---Swim meets
    ---Window displays
    ---Shopping mall shows.
  • Encourage Good Turn ideas through units' participation in community projects and civic service activities.
  • Plan, promote, and conduct special Scouting Anniversary Week activities.
  • Implement council activities and civic service program.
  • Conduct an annual poll of unit leaders to determine unit needs and wishes for district activities.
  • Oversee the district's Good Turn for America projects, and ensure the hours are logged online.
Advancement & Recognition Chair Vacant    
  • Report to District Program Chair
  • Stimulate advancement and recognition of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers.
  • Ensure that advancement and recognition remain in accordance with National Council requirements and procedures.
  • Recruit and orient enough of the right kind of people for the district advancement committee.
  • Establish district advancement goals, and develop a plan to achieve goals, and track goal attainment.
  • Assist packs, troops, teams, and crews, giving special assistance to units with little or no advancement.
  • Coach troop and team leaders in methods for conducting boards of review and courts of honor.
  • Recruit and train a adequate group of merit badge counselors for the district.
  • Produce a district merit badge counselor directory.
  • Recommend unit and district Scouters for special district and council recognition (lifesaving awards, Silver Beaver, etc.).
  • Implement council advancement and recognition program.
  • Review and approve Eagle Scout service project plans.
  • Participate in or conduct Eagle Scout boards of review.

If you are interested in serving, please contact the Chair listed above.

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