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    Adult Recognition Message, 23-Jan-17

    In the past we have had the tradition of holding an annual District Adult Recognition event. We did not have one in 2016 due to busy schedules, time constraints as well as a lack of nominations received. However, we still feel it is important to recognize and show appreciation to the wonderful scouters who give their time and talents to provide training and opportunities for our young men to grow and develop into great leaders themselves.

    We are proposing an alternative solution instead of holding a District Level Adult Recognition event:

    District Award of Merit: Each Stake is encouraged to select a nominee for this award any time during the calendar year. Consult with your Bishoprics and other Stake Leadership to select a nominee or two. Then please send the completed nomination form or even a name, to Callie, Ken Kuhni or other member of the District Key 3 and the District will have the District Award of Merit plaques made for each recipient and returned to you. The District Key 3 members are also more than willing to come to an individual Stake Court of Honor or other chosen time and place to present this award to the recipient.

    Provo Peakers Award: You are invited to send a completed nomination form to Callie, Ken, or Kent Harrison (listed on the bottom of the nomination form). For the Provo Peakers Award they hold an annual picnic in August and this award can be presented there. Or, like the District Award of Merit, a member of the Provo Peakers Board will be willing to come to an individual Stake Court of Honor or other chosen time and place to present this award.

    Here are some details regarding each award and the nomination forms are attached to this email:

    District Award of Merit – (Small plaque with their name engraved and a Square Knot to wear on a uniform)

    • This award is based on being a registered scouter (male or female), rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside of Scouting, or both, and the nominee’s attitude toward and cooperation with the district is also taken into consideration.
    • Based on the size of our District we can award 18-20 of these plaques District wide to any scouter who hasn’t already earned it. Based on our limitation we may be able to award one per Stake or even two, depending on how many Stakes submit their nomination.
    • The list of past recipients is also attached to this email.

    Provo Peakers Award

    • This award is offered from the Provo Peakers Association for any leader who provides ongoing leadership and training for boys in scouting on a sustained level.
    • The Provo Peakers Board will be the selection committee for this award and normally award about 7 or 8 awards per year.
    • They prefer nominees to have about 10+ years of scouting service.
    • This award consists of: Neckerchief, slide, and medal.

    We hope that by offering the opportunity to provide recognition for quality scouting independently to each LDS Stake, it will make recognition both easier and more meaningful to be included as part of your annual program.

    Please contact us with any feedback, concerns or questions.

    Sincerely, Pat Shumway – District Commissioner
    Ken Kuhni – District Vice-Chairman – Program
    Steve Sabins – District Chairman
    Ryan Bertram – District Director