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 Committee Chair
Gordon Lowe
Phone: 801-798-7611


Venturing Guide for LDS Leaders
Venturing Fact Sheet
Activity Interest Survey
Program Capability Inventory
Venturing Activity Planner
Venturing Officers' Seminar Agenda

Adult Awards & Recognition

Venturing Advisor Award of Merit Nomination Form
Venturing Leadership Award Application

2010 Kodiak CDC Feb. 13th 2010

WAKE (Wilderness Adventure & Kodiak Experience)




    Upcoming Events


    Bringing Venturing to You 10-4


     Venturing Leadership Award Application

    New Youth and Adult registration forms!

    There are new registration forms out for registering youth and adults into the Boy Scouts of America. There is only ONE form now instead of a form for each group. Click on the registration form you need.

    Youth form
    Adult form

    Diamond Fork District Venture Scout Committees - If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about any part of the Venture program get in contact with a member of one of the Venture Scout Committees. These are experienced scouters who would love to help any Venture scouting leader with any concern.