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Arapeen District Operations

Key Scouters

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
District Chair Neal Bosshardt 435.979.2463
District Commissioner Brent White 435.527.4725
District Executive (UNPC-Staff) Mark Baldwin 435.314.0201
District Director (UNPC-Supervisor) Jim Bethel 801.616.2772

District Operation Committees

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
District Chair Neal Bosshardt 435.979.2463
Operations Committees
Fund Development Committee Dennis Larson 435.896.7514
Membership Committee Mark Baldwin 435.314.0201
Program Committee Vacant    
Relations Committee Neal Bosshardt 435.979.2463
Nominating Committee Vacant 435.  

District Program Committees

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Program Chair Vacant    
Program Committees
Camping Committee Ardeen Anderson 435.  
Activities Committee Vacant    
Training Committee Larry Seely 435.427.3841
Advancement Committee Vacant    
Cub Scout Committee      
Boy Scout Committee      
Varsity Scout Committee      
Venturer Scout Committee      

Helpful BSA Information

District - The District (33070-PDF manual)

District Operations - Handbook for District Operations (34739-PDF manual)

District Resources - District Resources (National Webpage)

Commissioner Manuals and Resources Commissioner Manuals and Resources (National Webpage)

District Fund Development District Fund Development Committee Guidebook (33779-PDF manual)

Training Committee - Leadership Training Committee Guide (34169-PDF manual)

Camping Committee - Camping and Outdoor Committee Guide (34786-PDF manual)

Activities Committee - Activities and Civic Service Committee Guide (33082-PDF manual)

Advancement Committee - Guide To Advancement (33088-PDF manual)

Selecting District People - Selecting District People (34512-PDF manual)

Helpful LDS Information

Scouting Handbook LDS Scouting Handbook (35814-PDF manual)

LDS Scouting LDS Scouting ( Webpage)



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