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Arapeen DistrictTraining-2Commissioner TrainingTraining Information for 11 Year old Unit Leaders

Training Information for 11 Year old Unit Leaders

Stake Primary Presidency are Unit Commissioners.  Ward Primary Presidency are not.  The Ward Primary president is responsible for the 11 year old scout program, so serves in a committee position with the Troop Committee to keep the 11 year olds up to speed with what the deacons are doing and figuring out if they (11 year olds) should be involved with those activities during the year.  The goal in an LDS 11 year old program is to take the youth thru becoming a Scout, getting the Scout Rank, the Tenderfoot Rank, the 2nd Class Rank, and the 1st Class rank before the youth becomes a deacon at age 12.  A lot of times, the 11 year old program doesn't function well enough to do this because the 11 year old leaders haven't been trained and don't attend roundtable.  They of all other programs actually NEED both because the Leader Specific Training does not cover the LDS variation called 11 year old scouts.  That part is ONLY covered at roundtable.  Things like 3 overnight campouts for each 11 year old scout.  Encouraging fathers (but not requiring fathers) to go with on these campouts. The one campout that is suggested for all 11 year olds to attend is the Takanka Quest at Tifie Scout Camp in July.

The program for the year that is developed for the 11 year olds once in place can be a repeat each year forever program because the order of events isn't critical as long as it is all covered in the year.  That means that from March to March a youth would get the same program as the one that starts June to June, just in a slightly different order.  The only time requirement in moving thru these ranks is a 30 day one on physical fitness in the 1st class requirement.  So, in theory, a youth could go from starting Scouts at 11 to first class in 30 days!  I have known some youth to actually do this, but that really isn't what we want.  Taking the entire year is good, but working on some of the Star and Life Rank requirements (Merit Badges like Swimming, Orientation, First Aid, etc) would be a part of a well rounded 11 year old program. 

The important part of the 11 year old program is that we are transitioning a youth from where the leader does virtually everything (Cubs) to where the youth is taught how to run the program with a healthy assist from the Adult Leader.  A Patrol leader is elected by the Group for a period of time (3-4 months is good to get a rotation at the position) and he conducts the meetings during that time.  There is also a leadership training program for the youth leaders but I am not sure what it is called (Patrol leadership training or Patrol Leaders Council training or something like that), that the adult leader can use as an outline for this training.

As for Training of Primary Presidents and 2nd Counselors.  the 2nd Counselor is on the Pack committee.  Together with the Pack Committee Chair and the Pack Master, they plan all the Pack meeting for the year and make them happen.  The training that is needed from the District on that is Leader Specific Training for Pack Committees.  Someone in each ward (can be as many as 4 people) needs to be in charge of recording advancement at the Internet Advancement Site of BSA so that the Unit can get their awards for Pack meeting for the boys.  I don't know if they cover that in Pack Committee training, but we do cover it in Troop Committee Training.  The person that does the Internet Advancement for the Troop would also be the one that does it for the 11 year olds as they are considered and registered by BSA as part of the Troop.

11 Year olds can have joint activities with the Deacons on a limited basis.  The thinking behind the separation is that of quorum unity within the Priesthood quorums and 11 year olds aren't deacons yet, so even at joint campouts, the 11 year olds should be separated from the 12/13 year olds in their "own" campsite, even if it is a part of the overall campsite for the troop.

I would also suggest that you go to, click on the Menu drop down at the top, click serving in the Church, click on the left Aaronic Priesthood, click on the right Scouting, then click on the Scouting Handbook and study the parts there about the 11 year old program for additional details.

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